The Independent

In our mailbox recently, we are pleased to notice that The Independent, a local newspaper has been delivered to Dublin people since some time ago (the latest issue is Volume XLIX, Number 42! I see “Your Local News Source Since 1963”, older than me!).

If you want to have it in your mailbox continuously, you may go to or call (925)447-8700. Or just go there to check out its latest issue online.

This paper covers Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and Sunol.(Although the website does not mention Dublin in their header, Dublin seems to have been included recently). Well, from the very beginning, I believe that these cities should be combined or working closely with each other to improve the local people’s live.  We love Dublin also because of the good things we can share in Pleasanton, Livermore, and Sunol.  We Dublin people love shopping at Costco in Livermore, Stoneridge Shopping Center, Walmart and 99Ranch Chinese Super Market (even though we also have one in Dublin ) in Pleasanton, while people from these cities also enjoy the convenience of Barns and Nobles, BestBuy , iMax, Targets in Dublin!

As we can find that there are not enough reports about Dublin, we hope that our warm response will encourage this local newspaper to increase Dublin coverage.  Dublin, nice Dublin, is really expanding at an pleasantly unexpected speed into a bright future.