East Dublin

We may consider the area east of Hacienda Blvd as East Dublin with the Hacienda Crossings (hacienda-crossings.com‎ ) as the geographical center of this city of Dublin.

The new residents on the East Dublin have been eagerly expecting the coming of The Promenade,  gas stations, new high school and other things that seem to lack for a modern city.  They are glad to see a new Target has opened it business here in East Dublin.

At the Promenade website, you can find “The Promenade at Dublin Ranch is the perfect combination of retail, dining, entertainment and office space. The emphasis here is on our pedestrian-friendly main street. The beautifully designed architecture and charming ambiance of The Promenade ensure our strong, loyal customer base. That base draws from Tri-Valley residents, out-of-town visitors and local employees.”

It is interesting to read an article at the Around Dublin Blog: http://www.arounddublinblog.com/2011/09/dublin-ca-10-lies-spread-by-charter-properties-about-the-promenade/.   Most of residents believe, we need to take action to keep the Promenade 100% retail.

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