East & West Dublin

East or West, home is best.  We never want to split the city but unit the whole city so both can grow together.  It is believed that if the whole city grows, it would be good for either side because of increased tax income. (Air your opinions if you do not agree.)

For historical and geographical reasons,  the city of Dublin is divided into the East and West.  West Dublin may have more traffic convenience as its access to both 580 and 680 and closer to the heart of Silicon Valley. And it is well established with library, municipal buildings, gas stations, shopping centers and residential areas and schools.

East Dublin, newly developed, has been recently expanding quickly,  at a speed that was not expected by the city planning.  There are even a single gas station on this side (for what reason? We are not sure. Was it because of lack of planning or  no investor or land property owners did not get enough interest? ).

Just like a healthy person, a good balance in the development will be good for the whole body,  a nice Dublin


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