Kolb, New School, High API

The teachers and students at Harold William Kolb Elementary are so glad to see their API soar to 920 this year.

The California Department of Education does not publish the official rank until several months after the release of each year’s test results in August.   API is not everything, but it does reflect the efforts of the school staff and parents along with the students.

Kolb Elementary is a pretty new school (stared in Aug, 2011) located in East Dublin, where news houses have been built and sold very fast.

Please visit the following Web page for more
information: http://www.cde.ca.gov/snapshot/  Here’s the report generated on Kolb: 2012kolbsqsreport

Kolb’s API score is higher than Frederiksen Elementary (whose 2012 Growth API 894. 2011-12 Growth from Prior Year 48 : )2012Frederiksensqsreport

Of course, Kolb still needs to work hard to catch up with the neighboring school John Green Elementary ( whose API score is 961 this year, that is 9 points higher than 2011): 2012johngreenqsreport

Dublin Elementary’s API  is also a bit higher than Kolb’s: ( 2012 Growth API 928.   2011-12 Growth from Prior Year 50) 2012dublinsqsreport

James Dougherty Elementary dropped 1 point from last year (2012 Growth API 948. 2011-12 Growth from Prior Year -1 ) 2012JamesDoughertyElementarysqsreport