International Walk To School Day:10/6

On Oct. 6th, about one third of students in San Mateo County will celebrate International Walk To School Day with other 40 countries. You are invited to join.

The benefits of walking are all known to almost everyone, but how many people can do the walk as often as possible?

When you work for too long at the computer, take a walk. When your kids are still young, train them to walk, not just walk a little, walk a longer distance. Let us start the habit of walking from this great date! For a better kid and for a better world!

See you on the streets, walking to school, to the stores, to the bank, to the post office. Hopefully, soon, parents in Dublin can see their kids walk to the new middle school in East Dublin which can help the students for a better learning environment and a better life. I’m glad that soon we are going to see H.W. Kolb Elementary School, the new one under construction in Dublin Ranch. Our kids will sure walk to this school as they do now.

The walk is not just great for the kids, but also great for the parents, when the kids are too young for the walk, the parents are encouraged to walk with them. If your homes are too far from the school, try to find a park nearby (at a walking distance to the school), park and walk your kids, then you will get the double benefits. The traffic at the school will sure improve.